Being an Arab myself, Arabs are not just from a “region”. I assume that you are referring to the Middle East, but Arabs are also found in North Africa, where I am from. I typically enjoy your posts, and many times find them spot-on, even though, as a woman, I find some of the writing to be a bit much.

But, come on, gaming a woman that had a baby 6 months ago and is clearly unhappy in her marriage–where is your moral compass? Why don’t you just stick to your usual bar/club scene. You can’t be this far gone….

A. Ben,

You’re point about region is well taken. Being that I’m Nigerian myself I agree with that. Again using it as a quick comment.

Actually I’m beyond this far gone… what moral compass? ha never claimed to have that. That’s the thing about game, there are not limits there is no normal.


I took your advice and suited up, invested in 2 suits, getting tons of IOIs from professional career women, which have turned to # closes. I have a couple of dates lined up in the next couple of weeks. Now the problem is I get the impression from the description of their professions (attorneys, docs, premeds) that they definitely make more bank than me. Do you ever bring up the issue of financial incompatibility especially when the woman makes more than the man? I know it does not matter if you are looking for a ONS or a casual hookup. But what if they are LTR material?

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