A Security Digital, or SD card, is a tiny storage card that uses flash memory to hold large amounts of data. They're ideal for storing a wide range of data. Cellphones, cameras, audio/video players, camcorders, mobile computers, and other electronic devices can all store media. (file:///sdcard/)

So, what are the many SD card types? SD cards have evolved greatly in terms of shape, size, and memory storage since 1999. What began with 32 MB of storage has now grown to 128 TB. Only SD cards, which were the largest and had a cut-corner design, were available at first.

All of these SD and micro SD cards make data storage easier by allowing you to backup and restore data from one device to another. Any type of SD or micro SD card can be read by a card reader and transferred to a computer or external device. https://techcrazee.com/file-sdcard/

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